Bridges the Gap for B2B Efficiency and Employee Happiness.

Grade Ltd. is your tech-enabled solution to rising prices and superfluous middlemen. By eliminating distributors and dealers, we bring you quality products at pocket-friendly prices, ensuring end-to-end digitalization. Whether you’re a B2B partner or part of our employee network, experience transparent pricing in our tech-driven platform.

Choose Grade for quality, savings, and customized solutions for your business needs.


Discover a new era of procurement and tension-free monthly shopping with Grade Ltd.! Since 2019, we’ve been revolutionizing the supply chain, ensuring quality goods at unbeatable prices by cutting out the middlemen. From foods to corporate gifts, we source directly, offering transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Welcome to our pioneering B2B e-commerce marketplace of its kind – a one-stop solution for corporate essentials and exclusive benefits on commodity goods.

At Grade Ltd., we redefine how you access products, eliminating unnecessary costs. Join us in reshaping the marketplace.

Quality, affordability, and innovation – that’s Grade Ltd.

Customized Solutions for Corporate Needs

A one-stop solution for corporate essentials, offering exclusive benefits and streamlined procurement.

Streamlined Supply Excellence

Elevate Efficiency and Savings through Direct Sourcing from Premier Manufacturers.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Grade offers a comprehensive product portfolio—from foods to branded items—providing tailored solutions for all your business needs under one roof.

Quality Assurance and Seamless Delivery

Swift and reliable delivery services guarantee your products reach you on time, every time.

Redefining Procurement Excellence, Unparalleled Quality, Corporate Gifting Distinction, and Exclusive Employee Mart Discounts.

Integrated B2B Marketplace:

The platform seamlessly unifies traditional supply services and end-consumer shopping.

Effortless Ordering Experience:

Ensuring a hassle-free experience, the platform provides swift delivery and a diverse product portfolio in one place.

Exclusive Employee Mart

Employee Mart provides corporate employees with access to discounted products.

Comprehensive Branding Solutions

The platform not only offers a diverse array of customized branding goods but ensures comprehensive solutions, from conceptualization to delivery.

Innovative Business Model

Demonstrating continuous innovation, the platform evolved from a B2B supplier to a holistic business solution.

Timely and Reliable Delivery

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, the platform guarantees timely and reliable delivery, reinforcing its commitment to seamless service throughout the ordering and delivery process.

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